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Honeywell Mainframe Computers

Honeywell 6080 Large Scale Computer

Honeywell, recognizing the success of the  IBM 1401 Computer , developed a small scale business computer named the Honeywell H-200 which is shown below.  

Totally, there were over 10,000 installed 1401 systems up and running by the mid-1960s. During its lifetime about 20,000 total systems were manufactured, making the IBM 1401 one of IBM's most successful products.

The IBM 1401 was also commonly used as an off-line peripheral controller in many installations converting punched cards to magnetic tape which would be processed on larger computers.

Announced in December 3, 1963, the Honeywell H-200 directly attacked the IBM 1401 using a program named Liberator which could translate the 1401 assembly language to run on the H-200. This made converting to the H-200 comparatively easy.

The H-200 line was discontinued in the early 1970s but not before it replaced numerous IBM 1401's.  It was often referred to as the "Fast 1401" and the "1401 killer."

Honeywell 200 Computer - LINK

I've been unable to track down information on the Honeywell 1015 shown below.  Never-the-less, I've incuded this photo because it shows an excellent  view of the system's disk storage units, each of which had a maximum capacity of only around two to three million characters each, depending on the disk model. 

Honeywell Model 1015 Computer

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